Discussion on Silicon Carbide Nozzle

Silicon carbide nozzle has the characteristics of high strength, no slag, no cracking, long life and convenient replacement. The product is used in fluidized bed boiler, pulverized coal boiler burner nozzle. The burner nozzle generally adopts the structure of cast steel, and the appropriate swing of the burner nozzle can change the position of the flame center to adjust the reheat steam temperature level; the dense and lean pulverized coal burner can prevent coking and high-temperature corrosion in the furnace, and has the characteristics of stable ignition, low load stability and low NOx emissions. After the primary air cast steel nozzle of the burner is burnt and deformed, the deviation between the flame center of the furnace and the design value is large, and the nozzle size is large, the initial momentum of the jet is reduced compared with that before burning, the range is shorter, and the rigidity is poor, the pulverized coal catches fire not far from the nozzle, the temperature near the nozzle is high, and slagging is easy to occur. The primary air nozzle of the burner needs to be replaced after burning. When replacing, the powder pipe connected to the outside of the burner needs to be disassembled, and the primary air nozzle of the burner and the nozzle are pulled out together for replacement, and then installed. The workload is large, the environment is poor, labor-consuming, time-consuming and expensive, resulting in great economic losses.





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