On the secondary reheat boiler

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2023-07-07 15:00

Secondary reheat power generation technology is a key technology in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for National Energy Technology". It has a driving role in leading the progress of power generation technology and improving the level of my country's power manufacturing industry. It represents the current world's leading power generation technology and has high efficiency., Low energy consumption, low emissions and other advantages. It is estimated that the thermal efficiency of the secondary reheat unit is about 2% higher than that of the conventional primary reheat unit, and the carbon dioxide emission reduction is about 3.6. In the secondary reheating system of Suqian power plant, the secondary reheating silicon carbide inner bushing of shanchun instrument is adopted, which has good use effect and improved efficiency

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What factors should be considered in the purchase of silicon carbide nozzles?


The quality and efficiency of the use of silicon carbide nozzles are also related to many factors, and the purchase of silicon carbide nozzles needs to consider the system conditions and operating conditions.

What are the factors that affect nozzle efficiency?


The traditional nozzle adopts the structure of cast steel, and the proper swing of the burner silicon carbide nozzle can change the position of the flame center to adjust the reheat steam temperature level; the dense and lean pulverized coal burner can prevent coking and high temperature corrosion in the furnace, and has the characteristics of stable ignition, good low load stability and low NOx emissions.

Comparison of Silicon Carbide Nozzle and Cast Steel Nozzle


The integral silicon carbide nozzle can effectively prevent fouling and slagging: when the boiler is fired with easy fouling and slagging coal, fouling, coking and slagging are easy to occur at the burner nozzle, thus affecting the combustion performance of the boiler. Because the conventional burner nozzle is made of cast steel, the material will deform in high temperature environment for a long time, resulting in uneven nozzle and eddy current;