Full Furnace Flame Television Monitoring System

Product Overview:

The whole furnace flame monitoring system is an integrated product of optics, machinery and electronics, which is suitable for the whole furnace flame monitoring of various furnaces in thermal power unit boilers, petrochemical industry, smelting and other industries. The system is directly extended into the furnace by an endoscopic optical imaging system, and the working conditions of the burners in each layer in the furnace at the initial stage of ignition and the dynamic conditions of the fireball burning in the furnace after normal combustion are imaged by a high-temperature sight glass, converted into video signals by the camera, transmitted to the centralized control room through video cables, and then restored by the monitor to reflect the full combustion of the flame in the furnace.

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Product Details

Structure Composition

The system consists of six parts:
① image transmission system
② control system
③ monitor
④ transmission device
⑤ bracket

⑥ air source filtration system





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