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Electronic instrument cleaning industry is gradually emerging



Electronic instrument cleaning industry is gradually emerging

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Nowadays, with the improvement of environmental protection and health awareness, people have become a consensus when choosing electrical and electronic products and home decoration. Selecting products

Nowadays, with the improvement of environmental protection and health awareness, people have become a consensus when choosing electrical and electronic products and home decoration. Selecting products with low radiation and low pollution has become a consensus. However, the pollution hazards and losses brought about by the accumulation of dust from household electrical appliances that are closely related to people's lives are often overlooked. A survey report on the pollution of domestic electronic products from the Ministry of Information Industry shows that direct damages to the national economy have caused nearly 100 billion yuan each year due to damage. discarding, and various types of accidents caused by improper maintenance of electronic instruments. According to environmental experts, the strong static electricity generated by electronic instruments and home appliances will strongly absorb a large amount of dust and dirt, making it become a breeding ground for bacteria and become a new source of damage to health. As a result, a new industry - electronics, appliance cleaning industry is emerging


    According to statistics, only the central air-conditioning units in Beijing have reached more than 10,000 homes, and they have increased at a rate of more than 10% each year. Currently, there are about 5 million central air-conditioners in China that are urgently needed for cleaning and maintenance. The entire electrical product cleaning and conservation market is It is even greater. However, the entry threshold for this highly profitable market is relatively low, and there is no uniform standard for the country and the industry This has led to a mixed current industry. In addition to the few home appliance manufacturers and some home appliance repair organizations that provide maintenance and cleaning services within the “three guarantees” period, the home appliance cleaning team is more of a housekeeping service company, as well as “cleaning guerillas” ridden on the streets and bicycles. The lack of clean technology and confusing fees have become a major problem in this emerging industry. Many people appealed that relevant departments should establish relevant standards for electronic instruments and household appliances cleaning industry as soon as possible.


    What concerns the concerned people is that the current primitive cleaning technologies simply cannot completely clean certain specific instruments. General cleaning requires powering off and disassembling electronic devices. Precision electronic devices, generator sets, and large-scale programmable devices cannot be powered off or disassembled. In response to this situation, the China Employment Promotion Association recently recommended to the society a “Entrepreneurial Demonstration Project”—the “Home Appliances and Electronic Instruments Live Cleaning Technology” developed by China Quality Pioneer (Beijing) Environmental Protection Technology Development Corporation. To ensure the safe and thorough cleaning of various instruments and equipment without interruption of power supply and disassembly, thereby improving the efficiency of the instrument, improving the operating environment of the instrument and prolonging the service life, and reducing the power consumption by 15%-35% at the same time. According to reports, as the only indoor environment quality monitoring and management institution approved by China Environmental Quality Network, China Pioneer Pioneer Co., Ltd. has established a comprehensive prevention and control system from technology research and development, product production, technical personnel training, and formulation of treatment programs to follow-up services.



    According to relevant persons from the China Employment Promotion Association, with the gradual expansion of the professional electronic equipment and home appliance cleaning market, 200,000 professional cleaning talents are needed. Under the support and guidance of the China Employment Promotion Association, Zhongqian Pioneer has been conducting nationwide training in electrified cleaning technology for household appliances and electronic instruments. Employees can start their own businesses through professional training, mastering the operation specifications and adding some necessary equipment.



    Relevant experts remind consumers that when selecting electric cleaning services, they must examine their qualifications and technical capabilities. Only those cleaning organizations that have strong technical capabilities and good qualifications can ensure that electronic equipment is free from pollution and damage and that proper maintenance of electrical equipment can be achieved. .


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