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Silicon carbide wear elbow


Silicon carbide wear elbow

Silicon carbide wear elbow

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The thick wear-resistant cast steel elbow is easy to penetrate due to its corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and has a short service life. It is necessary to regularly repair and replace the penetrating portion of the elbow, which affects the normal operation of the equipment. In order to solve the problem of the wear of the pipeline, in the past, the wearable pipeline was cut in sections, the wear-resistant ceramic sheet was pasted, and then the anti-wear method of the butt welding was restored. However, due to the limited effective use time of the ceramic patch adhesive, once the adhesive fails, the ceramic patch is largely detached, causing rapid wear of the conveying pipe, which increases the safety hazard and maintenance workload of the power plant.


Our company adopts a special process, which is integrally casted with silicon carbide in the pipeline, once formed, will not fall off, no weak links, wear-resisting and erosion-resistant. Reduce the wear and corrosion of airflow, dust and particulate materials on the inner wall of equipment and pipelines, improve the service life of equipment and pipelines, and its service life is 2-3 times that of wear-resistant steel piping, which reduces the maintenance of users and has good safety. Sex and reliability. Our company can produce various types of silicon carbide wear-resistant elbows according to customer's drawing requirements.


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