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Burner silicon carbide nozzle


Burner silicon carbide nozzle

Burner silicon carbide nozzle

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The burner nozzle generally adopts the structure of cast steel. The proper swing of the burner nozzle can change the position of the flame center to adjust the reheat steam temperature level; the concentrated pulverized coal burner can prevent furnace coking and high temperature corrosion, stable ignition, low load stability Good flammability and low NOx emissions. After the burner is burned and deformed by the primary air casting steel nozzle, the flame center of the furnace has a large deviation from the design value, and the nozzle size is greatly deviated from the original size. The initial momentum of the jet is reduced compared with that before the burnout, the range is shortened, and the rigidity is also Poor, coal powder is not far from the spout, and the temperature near the spout is high, which is easy to produce slagging. After the primary air nozzle of the burner is burnt, it needs to be replaced. When replacing, the powder tube connected to the outside of the burner should be disassembled, and the primary air nozzle and the nozzle of the burner should be pulled out together for replacement, and then loaded and worked. Large amount, poor environment, labor, time-consuming, and costly, causing great economic losses.


Our company produces burner silicon carbide nozzles with wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The service life is 3-5 times that of cast steel nozzles, which improves boiler efficiency, reduces NOX emissions, saves energy and environmental protection, reduces maintenance costs and improves economy. benefit. Our company can produce various types of silicon carbide nozzles according to customer's drawing requirements.


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