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SCY-Y-10-32-Y series mica level gauge


SCY-Y-10-32-Y series mica level gauge

SCY-Y-10-32-Y series mica level gauge

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    At present, our company's SCY-YPR-10~32-Y series mica series plate high-pressure and ultra-high pressure two-color level meter mainly has two kinds of ordinary type and heat tracing type. Mainly used for power station boiler bubble and other high temperature and high pressure conditions. According to the structure is divided into linear and staggered (no blind area) two. The light source adopts the new semiconductor red and green light sources developed by our company. The water level indication is clear and the boundaries are clear, which has achieved a good observation effect. It fundamentally solves the problems of large maintenance of the light source, poor observation effect, large power consumption, short service life and high cost in the use of the two-color liquid level gauge.




    The plate-type two-color level gauge is mainly composed of several parts such as a watch body, a valve, a light source cover, a viewing cover, and a light source controller. The observation window of the liquid level gauge is on the center line of the cover body of the body, and the light emitted by the light source passes through the window of the heat shield and is directed to the liquid chamber of the body of the liquid level meter, and the red light in the vapor phase section of the liquid chamber shoots directly in front. The green light is absorbed obliquely on the wall; in the liquid phase, due to the refraction of water, the green light is directed in front, and the red light is obliquely directed onto the wall and absorbed. Therefore, the observation in the front will get the red, green, full steam, and full green display effect.


○ Features


1. The watch body is made of high-quality stainless steel forging;


2. The observation window adopts special aluminum-silicon optical glass;


3. The light source has low power consumption, long service life, high brightness, good color purity, minimal heat dissipation, continuously adjustable brightness, low parts cost, and easy replacement;


4. Clear observation and clear boundaries


5.Embedded seal, good sealing performance, easy installation;


6. Inside the steam and water valves, there are insurance products. Under sudden pressure relief of the body, the valve will automatically close the valve under pressure to avoid accidents.


○Main technical parameters


Nominal pressure: 10~32MPa


Working pressure: 6.3~21.5MPa


Operating temperature: Saturation temperature


Connection type: flange connection or welding Φ28x4; Φ28x5 or user-defined


Sewage pipe specifications: Φ28x4; Φ28x5 or user-defined


Light source: semiconductor bright light-emitting crystal


Center distance: 508 ~ 12070mm or user-defined


Visual length: 310 ~ 1215mm or user-defined


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