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SCY-YPR-1.6-25 series balance container


SCY-YPR-1.6-25 series balance container

SCY-YPR-1.6-25 series balance container

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    The balance vessel is a supporting part for measuring the boiler water level by differential pressure method. It is a closed-loop control system for the bubble water level, pressure, water volume and temperature of the boiler with the differential pressure transmitter and indicating control unit, and realizes its monitoring, alarming and reflection. The quality level in the bubble. Balancing vessels can be divided into two-chamber balanced vessels and single-chamber balanced vessels. Pressure levels can be divided into medium-pressure, high-pressure, ultra-high-pressure subcritical, and beyond critical. At present, our company has formed a series of products. The selection of the balance vessel may be based on the pressure of the medium within the bubble, the temperature, the water level observation range, the water level under normal conditions and the center distance of the soda.




    SCY-YPR-1.6~25 double-chamber balancing container is welded by funnels, condensation cups, positive pressure compensation tubes, and negative pressure tubes. During the working process, saturated steam condenses and releases heat in the chamber, heats the positive pressure compensating tube and the negative pressure compensating tube, and the outer layer of the equalizing container is sufficiently insulated to reduce heat loss, so that the temperature of the equilibrium container is close to the temperature inside the bubble. Thus, the water density in the positive pressure compensating pipe is close to the density of the water in the air bubble in any operating condition; the pressure in the air bubble changes in any way, and the pressure of the positive pressure compensating pipe is equal to the pressure changing value of the negative pressure compensating pipe. Therefore, the differential pressure output from the double-chamber balancing vessel does not change. That is, if the water level in the bubble changes, the differential pressure output from the balancing vessel also changes linearly. Therefore, the low-level indicator can display the water level in the bubble in real time.


    SCY-YPR-1.6~25 type single-chamber balance vessel is welded by condenser (balance tube, three-way), pressure guide tube and other parts. The positive pressure head is led out from the balance vessel during work; because the balance vessel is outside the bubble, the temperature is not determined, so the average density of the internal water is difficult to determine. In order to reduce the error caused by the inaccurate average density calculation, the automatic control process


In addition, the temperature and pressure compensation unit is introduced to correct the density of the water in the balance vessel and the pressure guiding tube, and then the differential pressure signal of the water level of the body is brought close to the true value.



○Main technical parameters


Simplified Specifications: Double Room 133; Single Room 108 133


Nominal pressure: 1.6 ~ 32MPa


Working pressure: 1.0 ~ 2.15MPa


Interface mode: flange connection or welding


Operating temperature: Saturation temperature


Soda center distance: 600, 670, 1270mm or designed according to user requirements


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