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SCY-YCF-1.6-32-F2 photoelectric two-color magnetic float level meter


SCY-YCF-1.6-32-F2 photoelectric two-color magnetic float level meter

SCY-YCF-1.6-32-F2 photoelectric two-color magnetic float level meter

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    SCY-YCF-1.6~32-F2 series photoelectric two-color magnetic float level gauge is an ideal instrument for liquid level detection in petrochemical, smelting, electric power, environmental protection and other industrial sectors. The series of liquid level gauges have good sealing performance, high safety and reliability, and are suitable for the measurement of high temperature, high pressure, toxic, harmful, and corrosive media. They have large measuring range, eye-catching display, intuitive reading, safe use, convenient installation, anti-corrosion, etc. Characteristics, now commonly used in thermal power plant boiler bubble, deaerator, condenser, high and low pressure heaters, lyophobic tanks and other device level measurement. The optoelectronic display in this system can also be used with the low-pressure magnetic float gauge.


○ Structure and principle


    Photoelectric two-color magnetic floating liquid level mainly consists of barrel, float, display device, sampling tube components and other parts. (See Figure 1) The main part of the measuring cylinder is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel. The magnetic float is made of TA2 or TC4 high-strength, corrosion-resistant, magnetically insulating material. The display device is made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel plate and red and green bi-color LED luminous tube. Because the measured medium and the display device are isolated from each other, the magnetic float level gauge has good airtightness, safety and reliability, and is suitable for measuring high-temperature, high-pressure, toxic, harmful, corrosive, and other media, and has measurements. Large range, easy installation, intuitive reading, eye-catching display, less maintenance, safe use, etc.


○ Electro-optic two-color magnetic float level meter features and advantages


    Optoelectronic display adopts imported two-color super bright LED lamp. LED lamp supports hot-plugging and continuous mode, convenient replacement of spare parts and convenient maintenance;


    The display will show the effect of red, green, and green levels. When the liquid level rises, the LED light will show green. When the liquid level drops, it will show red. The specific values ​​of the liquid level can be directly read from the scale according to the red and green positions of the light emitting tube.


    The LED display of the digital display is pure in color and will never make a face. The display is clear and bright, especially in the TV monitor. It is different from the display of whitish on the TV in the general product, and it is clearly consistent with the TV display on the spot. For user needs. In addition, users can freely adjust the brightness in a wide range on the spot, regardless of the site environment.


    The display can be placed in any position according to the user's requirements, while the lamp holder adopts anti-leaking design, which can withstand water showering;


    The float magnetic steel used in this system is only half of the normal float, so the float becomes shorter, the liquid level display deviation is smaller than the normal float, and the display accuracy is high.


○Work conditions


    Power supply: DC5V 5W/M; Power consumption: <5W/m; Working life: ≥100,000 hours; Operating environment: -40~+60°C; Distance between photoelectric display and electrical box: ≤10m


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