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SCY-HYTV full furnace flame monitoring system


SCY-HYTV full furnace flame monitoring system

SCY-HYTV full furnace flame monitoring system

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    SCY-HYTV full furnace flame monitoring system is optical, mechanical, electronic integration products, suitable for fire furnace boiler, petrochemical, smelting and other industries all kinds of furnace furnace flame monitoring. For the explosion-proof requirements of the use of the environment, our factory can provide explosion-proof furnace flame monitoring system according to Exed ll BT6 standard.


■Structural principle


     The combustion condition in the early stage of ignition of the boiler and the dynamic condition of the burning fireball in the furnace after normal combustion are converted into a video signal by the camera after being imaged by the high temperature peepscope. The video cable is transmitted to the central control room, and the image is restored to the screen by the monitor. , And then reflect the whole combustion of the flame in the furnace.


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