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SCY-SWTV Series Industrial TV


SCY-SWTV Series Industrial TV

SCY-SWTV Series Industrial TV

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    SCY-SWTV series water level monitor TV monitoring system is mainly used for water level monitoring of boiler steam drums and chemical containers in thermal power plants. It can also be applied to production, scientific research, and other harsh conditions where the ambient temperature is lower than 80°C, high radiation, high dust, etc. Short-range and long-range monitoring of fixed or moving targets such as construction and dispatch. The system directly monitors the on-site targets, has high reliability and security, and is convenient for operation and management.




    The system will monitor the target through the camera into a video signal, the video cable is transmitted to the monitor on the monitor, and then restored by the monitor into an image for target monitoring. The operator can adjust the camera lens and pan-tilt in the central control room through the controller, and clearly monitor the target scene from different angles.




    The product adopts imported CCD camera. It adopts solid-state sensitive components. It has small size, light weight, no burn, no geometric distortion, small influence by magnetic field, and clear, intuitive and high credibility of the observed target image. And has a long life, stable and reliable work, continuous work and so on.


    With semi-fixed pan/tilt and manual three-variable lens, local operation can be performed. The camera's direction can be adjusted by converting semi-stationary pan/tilt position in the field. Lens aperture, focal length, and focus can be adjusted manually; electric pan/tilt and electric three can be configured. The variable lens can remotely control the camera through the operation controller in the central control room, timely adjust the image effect, and perform comprehensive monitoring on the observation target.


The main technical parameters


◆Monitor: 21-inch color monitor with horizontal resolution at center 625 line; video input at 1.0Vp-p75f


◆ Camera: Model Panasonic WV-CP240/242 color CCD camera; horizontal resolution of 480 lines; the most line illumination is 0.6Lux/F0.75;


Working temperature -10°C~+50°C


◆ Lens: AVENIR SSL06036M or Computar II6Z0812M


◆Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz; controller is not less than 1A; monitor is not less than 2A


◆ Video interface: video input interface is 1.0Vp-p; 75f, unbalanced; video output interface is 1.0Vp-p; 75f, unbalanced


◆ Air-cooled protection: The system does not contain gas source. The air source for air-cooling is provided by the user. It is an instrument-grade air source and requires less oil and water. Air source pressure ≥ 0.1Mpa;


Flow rate is 10~20m3/h; pressure regulation range is 0.05~0.6Mpa; environmental temperature is -10°C~80°C; relative humidity is ≤80%


◆ Cable: The control cable is four-core cable RVVP4×1.0; the video line is SYV-75-5-2


◆ Controller: Central control room disk installation dimensions 160mm × 80mm × 178mm (width × height × depth); opening size is 152 × 76 (width × height);


Ambient temperature -10°C~40°C; relative humidity ≤80%


◆ PTZ support: vertical adjustment height 600 ~ 1200mm; horizontal adjustment length 60mm


◆ PTZ: Semi-fixed PTZ horizontal 90° vertical ± 45°; electric PTZ horizontal 350° vertical ± 45°


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