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SCY-CHCK boiler soot program control device


SCY-CHCK boiler soot program control device

SCY-CHCK boiler soot program control device

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○OverviewShangchunyi Monitoring Program Control Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

SCY-CHCK boiler soot program control device has four operating functions: self-test, automatic, remote operation and local operation. The device has an interface to communicate with the DCS system. The functions of the operator station can be done on the DCS. Important protection and control signal connections use hard-wired connections. The soot blower system can be monitored, handled and alarmed by the DCS operator station. Program-controlled devices can perform normal operation monitoring and control of the main equipment and process of the soot blowing system, and alarm and handle abnormal conditions.



■Automatic basic functions

A. Furnace, long retractable, empty spear soot blower (large stepping) function

B. Soot blower single blow, double blow, double blow operation selection function

C. Soot blower exits program run function (small step)

D. Program self-test function

E. skip check function

F. Fault memory function

G. Troubleshooting function

H. Program start and reset function

I. Program interruption and interrupt release function

J. Auxiliary gas source soot blowing function (used for empty spear soot blower)

K. High pressure water cleaning function


■Automatic advanced features (optional)

A. Optional functions of the program: The user can arbitrarily select the soot blower to be run in accordance with the actual conditions.

B. Soot blower limit switch abnormality diagnosis function: It can automatically diagnose all kinds of abnormal conditions such as water influx and off-line of soot blower in-situ limit switch; it can automatically infer the abnormal movement of all kinds of soot blower into position limit switch. .

Manual operation function

Enables remote operation and on-site operation control of all controlled devices


■ Fault protection and alarm function

Loss of power supply

Loss of control power

Short circuit of system and controlled equipment

Controlled device overload, overcurrent

Controlled device advance and retreat, switch timeout

Blowing medium pressure is low, pressure is high

Soot blowing medium flow rate is low

PLC failure

Do not soot


■ System and controlled device status display (screen)

Sootblower system screen

Furnace soot blower operation screen

Long telescopic soot blower operation screen

Air preheater soot blower operation screen

Decompression Station and Drainage System Screen

Various types of valve operation screen

Operation display screen

Alarm screen


■ Passive normally open dry contact (AC220V, 3A) signals provided by the device to the DCS system

○ Control power supply exists ○ Power supply exists ○ Program operation

○ Program interruption ○ Sootblowing system failure ○ Control power loss


■ The device receives the passive normally open contact (AC220V, 2A) command signal provided by the DCS system


○ Program start ○ Program return ○ Program interruption ○ No soot blowing


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